XF 2.0 [SOLVED] Custom CSS stylesheet in template

How can I create a custom CSS stylesheet for my addon's template?

I tried simply including a css file in the templates folder but this isn't recognised (is there anything else I need to do?)

<xf:title>Link Minecraft Account</xf:title>
<xen:require css="continuity_general.css">


As you can see, I do xen:require it in the template.

Jeremy P

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@SamJakob That would work on XF1. For XF2:

<xf:css src="continuity_general.css" />
You can use LESS too if you want, by renaming the template continuity_general.less
Additional note:
<xf:css src="continuity_general.css" />
^ This is how you include CSS stylesheets in XenForo 2 (so if your CSS isn't showing up, that's what went wrong).