Implemented Solve Media, alternative to recaptcha


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it looks like ReCaptcha is can already decode by spammers.
i suggest that XF will support additional captcha system like
Solve Media, its way better than recaptcha as it shows clear letters
but moving and also some human questions .



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im calling for addon developers out there...

lately russian spammers are spamming xenforo based forums.

solve media is a great alternative for recaptch and will help lessen the spam..
plus owners can have revenue from it...

please make an addon for this as alternative to crackable recaptcha


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I use SolveMedia on one of my sites and it helps. I believe they already have an option to install for xenForo, so you wouldn't need an addon.


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surely addon developers can make one plugin for xf...

how i wish i can do it myself...

the beauty of solvemedia is
-you as the forum owner will have revenue share if legitimate user solves their media question
-if human spammer can solve the media, then its ok at least you get money out of solving the media for you
then delete his account once spotted. :D


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SolveMedia contacted me and asked if I'd like to switch to their service. The plugin is complete (less some small tweaks) and they'll be sending it over to me tomorrow. I assume we'll see it on their site soon. I'll keep you in the loop.