Not a bug Soft deleted post, reports, ban, alerts


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There is some bugs/opinions from my side.

  1. If you open thread, and scroll down to the middle and there you soft delete some post (or give warning), after you complete that, web page load that thread to the start position, instead it has to reload page and focus on same undelete post position.

  2. There is no alert solution to alert soft deleted post owner about his post is soft deleted, undeleted or permanently deleted. This is not good solution and it confuse users about their post that they can not see any more. You really do not think that mods will be start PC for every action with users posts?

  3. Also, user can report same post even it has reported a second ago by him self. There is no sense to cumulative report same post by same user.

  4. When you are going to ban user, you can not see how much points is for ban, so you have to go in ACP and read that 20 points is ban for 1 day, 25 points is ban for 2 days etc... Why that informations are not bellow points when you give warning to user?

  5. There is not option in frontend or moderator panel to list all soft delete posts or topics, and to select them all at once and permanently delete. Why?

  6. Also, in ACP option to select all mods to turn them off or on will be nice touch