So sad to see

Robert F Schmitz

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I had a site linked on one of mine and I decided to check it out. It's sad to see a site overgrown with spam posts. Ironically it's :(
The fact that ALL ten pages on their what's new page are spam posts just from today shows the magnitude of the spam problems we're facing at present - the sheer volume of this stuff is staggering.
I'm embarrassed at the situation, as honestly I haven't paid any attention to that site for sometime since I've been dealing with other things. I've stopped spam from taking over XI with a couple of questions that I change once in a while, but have neglected LeafGardens. :(

I'll close it off and clean it up when I get home, and plan a proper reboot when I'm done with my add-on. I never expected that site to be the subject of conversation here. Oh well.
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