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So long and thanks for all the fish.


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How long is a piece of string?

I spent over 150 hours on Oblivion....just wandering around, hacking, slicing and dicing :D


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How long do you think skyrim is going to be? Gametime wise.
According to this review if you do nothing but the main quest it takes only 2 hours. But the reviewer has over 50 hours of play done and still has 40+ quests active.

The game is incredibly huge and has an engine that allows for unlimited quests based on level, location and affiliations with organizations in the game.

I heard you had been placed on a "no buy list" ;)
It's already bought and pre-loaded. At midnight tonight I will attempt to activate it. Well, me and thousands of others. So you joke all you want, Bro-dawg, but I'm playing the game!


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There's enough of her to go around.

Really, the only thing missing is cooperative multiplayer mode. And I'm not too sad that that doesn't exist. If I wanted to be called a f****t by a 12 year old I'd play Battlefield.


Have a great time, they have 100-something areas in that game and very dynamic gameplay. See you online in a few days, I am confident you will miss playing with xenforo. hehe.


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I didn't think there would be as it doesn't really lend itself to it.

Although online MP in the same style as GTA IV, but with swords and axes instead could be quite fun :D


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they have said that it's 16 square miles to explore in the game! Mine is en-route from Hong Kong as the japanese one isn't out for another month.

Did you see that you can put barrels on top of people's heads and because they can't see you, you can steal their stuff! I love this game already!