XF 1.3 Snippet Maximum

That "Discussion Content RSS Snippet Length" option didn't work.
I want to show a lot more than just 2 lines in my registered feeds pull when I bring the content from other sites.
Is there way to increase word count on the feed that is pull being from other sites? I think the maximum is 25o words now.


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Oh, you're talking about pulling in RSS feeds. You can't do anything about that. It will simply display what is in the feed.
I would like to display more than 250 words from the feed it pulls?
Is that possible?
There is an option of RSS feed Snippet Maximum of 250. It won't let me go above this number.


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What option is that? I don't think it's covering what you think. The feed importer simply gives you the content that was in the feed.
under options->news feed
I didn't know it was bring over just the information just in the feed page. I thought it brought over the whole article that was mentioned in the feed.
So there is no way to bring pull the entire article right?


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Same problem here.
The RSS feed from external source shows a full post, can I import the complete post in the forum via News Feed? Can I add a no-limit snippet maximum?

Jeremy P

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@kimchicrew That option has to do with the length of snippets in the "Recent Activity" news feed for your own site.

The feeder is completely separate from the Recent Activity news feed. The RSS feed importer will (according to Mike) display the full content provided by the feed. If you aren't getting full posts, it's because the feed isn't providing the full post. There's not much XF can do about that.