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SMTP server suggestions for outgoing XF e-mails??


Well-known member
Can someone please suggest a free SMTP server/site so I can send "authenticated" e-mails from my site to it's members? Thanks!

Mr Lucky

Well-known member
Not sure about free ones... but SES is very cheap. I send thousands per month and pay 2 - 3 dollars a month, which gives me like a 99.99% deliverability.

$0.10 per 1000 messages sent. Seriously cheap for high deliverability.


I have tried a few now, I had problems with Sparkpost and Sendgrid (I can't remember exactly why now though) . I'm using SES and yes, it's as good as free being so cheap.


Well-known member
I got Mailgun going and it's really good. Excellent support even tho I'm a "free" member. Plus I doubt I'm sending 10k e-mails a month....