SMTP server suggestions for outgoing XF e-mails??


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Can someone please suggest a free SMTP server/site so I can send "authenticated" e-mails from my site to it's members? Thanks!
Not sure about free ones... but SES is very cheap. I send thousands per month and pay 2 - 3 dollars a month, which gives me like a 99.99% deliverability.

$0.10 per 1000 messages sent. Seriously cheap for high deliverability.

I have tried a few now, I had problems with Sparkpost and Sendgrid (I can't remember exactly why now though) . I'm using SES and yes, it's as good as free being so cheap.
Yeah I'm using Mailgun and no problems for me. Never could get SES to work they wouldn't take my out of sandbox mode.
Cool. I'm gonna give them a shot. I need to first add the TXT and CNAME stuff. Gotta wait for my domain hoster to get back to me! :)
I got Mailgun going and it's really good. Excellent support even tho I'm a "free" member. Plus I doubt I'm sending 10k e-mails a month....
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