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We use Amazon SES for our mail sending service. Generally functions fine, but we get tons of errors every day in our error log of this form:

Swift_TransportException: Email to <some email> from <some email> failed: Expected response code 250 but got code "451", with message "451 4.4.2 Timeout waiting for data from client. "

Found this previous bug report that claimed this issue (among others) was fixed, but we are running 2.2.9 right now and the issue persists:

It's also worth noting that Swiftmailer appears to be dead and unmaintained as of late last year:

Will XenForo be moving to a new mail provider soon and/or is there something that can be done to resolve these mail send errors?
I've had this issue come up on a number of sites using SES. Not 100% certain it's something that would be automatically fixed by switching the email library but they have confirmed they're switching to Symfony Mailer here with XenForo 2.3
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