XF 1.2 Smilies gone wild - post one, get three


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pure asci bbcode is :yuck: shows as the according smilie in the editor windows

then after sending:


according to someone knowledgeable this is

<img src="styles/default/xenforo/clear.png" class="mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie39" alt=":yuck:" title="Yuck :yuck:">

So it's displaying three times? I shortly had the smilie manager installed, but uninstalled it. Tried deleting all smilies both backend and hard, importing new, and this persists.

spent hours on this, taking a break soon but hope someone might be able to enlighten me! :(


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I only see one "yuck" smilie. The other two are different... how is is displaying 3 times and your image is showing 3 different smilies?


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That's true, it's not showing the :yuck: three times, but you see the result of the entry. Sorry Sheldon, I spent hours with this yesterday was about to cry (not really) and wasn't clear.

Do you need more examples?

I select the love smilie. The code then shows :love: and the display is

Would it help to open up an area for you to check it out as guests?



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You've possibly set your sprite dimensions too wide - which is why you're seeing the smilies that live next to each other on the sprite sheet.

Can you go into your ACP, bring up the details of the :love: smiley, and take a screen capture of the settings so we can compare with our own?

Note: You also get a visual representation in the top-right corner when editing the sprite dimensions - if you can see two/three or more in that preview image, then you need to change the smiley sprite dimensions.

Shaun :D


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This css is set to 100%: .message .messageText > *:first-child

That is causing the full width of the sprite to show.

Disabling that fixes it.