XF 2.0 Smilies don't automatically dismiss after posting

Mr Lucky

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If I add a smilie, then post the message, the smilies window stays open.

It doesn't happen here so I'm assuming it isn't a bug, but I've tested with all addons disabled and default theme.

Does anyone know what might be causing this?

Thanks o_O
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I'm not sure I'd consider that a bug, though yes the behavior is different than XF1. If you open the smilies, then it's reasonable for it to not be closed without you clicking the button to toggle it.

Mr Lucky

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On here it looks innocuous, but if you have a lot of smilies, it just looks a bit wrong. I only mentioned it because I had members complaining.

No big deal I'll tell them they now have to close it manually, and how to do that, but some people - when confronted with change - (for the better) seem to want to find things to complain about.
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I was wondering about this too. I have a lot of smilies and it looks odd that after you post, they are all showing yet. Hopefully that will be corrected...

Mr Lucky

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I have had a few members get confused by this, they can't work out how to make the smiles go away.
Please is this something you could look into @Mike ?

Mr Lucky

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I don't think there's anything wrong with the existing behavior, but I have adjusted this now.
Thank you very much Mike.

I personally don't really see much of a problem but after years of the other way, you know what people can be like.

I agree it's no probelm at all here, but with a lot of smilies it doesn't look good.