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Hi guys!

Well I finally made the purchase of a XenForo licence last night!

I run a pretty big forum with over 92,000+ posts and a very active community and have been running it on SMF for the last 3+ years however slow development on their side bugs I have on the forum which they don't seem to be able to help and advise me properly on fixing have driven me out sadly.

So far I've made a test site and managed to import a copy of my SMF forum database into that and the forum is up and running (It's lovely seeing a responsive site out of the box!).

I've had some issues with permissions which means I couldn't see any threads or posts on the forum lol but I've sorted that out now

I've managed to get one of my ad banners on the site as well and have started to understand how templates work.

I just wanted to ask about redirection.

Am I able to play around with htaccess in my test folder or if I start adding redirects will it somehow mess up my still live SMF site.

Or maybe I can't do this until I actually make the full leap to Xenforo

Currently things look like this so I'm just wondering what I would have to put in to get topics/msg/category links to redirect OK



Thanks in advance,

I'm sure I will have oodles of questions while I find my feet with this all.


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If any rewrite rules are specific to the temp/test site URL and your live site URLs aren't encompassed by them, then you should be okay.

You'll know soon enough if the live site is affected ;)
Hi all

Quick question that hopefully someone can answer

I'm just playing around with my test forum and I've noticed that 99% of the http links that were on my SMF forum are not clickable links. They just appear as normal text...

Is there a way I can make all these links so they are clickable as there must be 1000s of them in my forum. I've downloaded the Post Content Replacement Tool as I've seen others advise that but I have no idea what to do when it comes to using it and making these links clickable..

Thanks in advance!

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