smf to xf conversion


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hello team

Im interested to purchase xf license. But first i want to knw that can i convert my current forum data to xf forum? My forum is based on smf.
And what about xf security?


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Hi there,

You've asked this here: and it was answered. You can try this:
You can import from SMF. But in the absence of a direct importer you need to go through another forum application like vB, IPB, or phpBB. I can do the import for you if you want.

So the answer is yes... you can save all of your forum information if you decide to go with XF.
vB and phpBB provide their own importers for SMF. Once you have imported to vB or phpBB then you can use the importer that XF provides.

I have done SMF -> vB -> XF imports before. I can help with yours if you need.
As far as security, checkout this thread: