smf to xenForo


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Mmm that bad, I was thinking of migrating to XenForo.
I have no license vbulletin to migrate from vbulletin.

Jake Bunce

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how to migrate from SMF to vbulletin to then migrate to XenForo?
I installed vbulletin 3.8
You use their import software called ImpEx. But I had trouble with the latest version of ImpEx and vB3. They apparently changed some stuff for vB4 and broke the old target. So I always import into vB4 as the intermediate.


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where I can download vbulletin to XenForo importer?
when I try to download it from here:

I get error:
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You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.

Once you have purchased a license, to receive support + downloads you will need to link your forum account to your license.

You can do that in the Forum Users section of the Customer Area here: