XF 1.2 SMF to Xenforo, How To Do It?


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I know currently there is no SMF importer and as far as I am aware you have to convert smf to PHPBB, and then PHPBB to Xenforo. My question is, how? Is there some software that will do this for me?

Also, does that mean I need 3 servers? So I need to rent out an additional 2 servers for the month to do this conversion?

Any information appreciated. Thanks.


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You just do a double import.

Have your SMF, phpBB and XenForo installations on the same server.

Import from SMF to phpBB.

Import from phpBB to XenForo.

I did the same thing when I converted from phpBB and there was no importer.
I went phpBB -> vB -> XF.


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It depends on your forum size.
By the way, I've already done several SMF conversion.
PM me if your interested.