SMF Importer


smf ---> Vbulletin --> xenforo
Why would someone purchase a vB license just to use it to convert to another software? Waste of money if you ask me. But then again, I'd grab a nulled version of vB any day and not think twice about it. IB are a bunch of greedy assclowns.


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If you already had a vB 3.x licence, it might be viable ;) Or you could reverse engineer the vB-to-SMF converter, I guess.

Haven't had time to poke too much at the XF database locally, had trouble with installing on localhost (because I don't have it set up as FastCGI for various reasons)


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90% sure I'll release it for free and people can donate back if they wish. I share everyone's frustration with SMF so I get why so many are interested in jumping ship.

All the other custom work (CMS, multi-site) will probably be a pay add on if we release them at all.