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Too bad you couldn't get the dot com, but it looks good so far! :)

Good luck to you on this site, Jaxel!

Looks like you're on your way to creating your own network.


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Far too much grain (noise for us users of photoshop). I often use noise myself to get a certain texture but unfortunately the class style uses far too much of it.

Have you tried just using the background colour and removing the background for #content .pageContent ?


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I barely see a difference...
Yeah I have to agree. There's so much "noise" applied it really doesn't make a significant different tbh. Removing that prominent noise image would be something I'd seriously look at if I were you it's just too much imo but you may like it I just find that over-using it just kills what is a nice effect when it's deployed for certain areas.

Mike Edge

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That's cute Jaxel. to the point yet still within theme of the site. I like that it only lasts a few seconds too rather then a long forced period.