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Lack of interest Smarter sentence-caser for titles (AAA)

I tried to create a thread with the title:

The REST API introduction - is it clear enough?
The case-corrector for thread titles changed that to:

The rest api introduction - is it clear enough?
It would be nice if it were a little more smarter in discerning between what is SHOUTING and what is just capitalisation of things like acronyms :)
The software isn't able to differentiate between acronyms or standard words without some sort of look up table.
It could easily differentiate between "SHOUTING THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE THREAD TITLE" and "Writing normally with some ACRONYMS thrown int here", without a lookup table.

However, I am no longer sure if the purpose of this feature was just to prevent thread title shouting. I hope it is, though, and that the suggestion will get some thought.