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Hi all..

I'm trying to change my logo on device mobiles, and for that i'm trying change the source location, but i can't do it.

Could someone help me?

I'm changing {{ base_url(property('publicLogoUrl')) for the location of the new logo (forum/data/assets/logo/xyz.png), but probaby this not the right path..

<div class="p-nav-smallLogo">
<a href="{{ ($xf.options.logoLink && $xf.homePageUrl) ? $xf.homePageUrl : link('index') }}">
<img src="{{ base_url(property('publicLogoUrl')) }}" srcset="{$srcset}" alt="{$xf.options.boardTitle}"
width="{{ property('publicLogoWidth') ?: '' }}" height="{{ property('publicLogoHeight') ?: '' }}" />
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