Lack of interest Small Resource Manager Suggestion


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Hello Readers,

I have a small suggestion for the Resource Manager. After seeing the current version of the resource manager installed on this site, it is apparent that only user groups with specific permissions can submit, download and comment on resources.

Why not have available advanced category permissions? The permissions that could be set include:
  • Who can view resources in the category.
  • Who can submit resources in the category.
  • Who can comment on resources in the category.
  • Who can download resources in the category.
  • How many resources allowed to be submitted in the category.
An example of how this could be used:
An admin may want to set up a private video submissions section. The admin might want to allow users to submit a certain number of videos for a YouTube channel. The admin may only allow moderators to see the submissions.

It is a simple suggestion. I hope you can see where I am coming from in terms of this idea.

Mods, if you feel that this thread is not in the right forum, feel free to move it. The resource manager thread was locked, so I posted this here. Btw, if this has already been implemented, let me know. (y)

Please leave your feedback!


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I am sure more advanced backend permissions already exist, I guess we need to wait to see the ACP permission set of the RM first before suggesting something about it :p