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I am a complete newbie to forums but have been able to set one up for a small association which should never be more than around 100 worldwide members, presently 37.

The problem I am having is how long it takes to load a page, often eight to ten seconds, sometimes longer. The site is hosted by iPage: who, from all the reviews, seem to be a top web host. Their support team is very good but they keep telling me the speed of the forum is fine when I can plainly see it is not.

I am based in the UK (if that helps) and I wondered if anyone might have some idea of why the forum is running so slow. I'm trying to determine if the xenForo needs "tweaking" in some way or does the fault lie with the host.



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I have moved the thread to the correct support forum.

You will need to associate your forum account with your license before you can post in the customer forums.

There is nothing wrong with the speed of XenForo out of the box; in fact the small number of images means it loads relatively quickly.
Slow page loading is usually down to the host and/or connection.