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Well I'm convinced that my hosting company is actually run by a fourteen year old girl out of her bedroom closet in the Netharlands. As many will note my site was just restored from a five day blackout because thay forget to move over a couple of files in a server transfer....

That being said how do I diagnose and fix slow Queries??? I haven't made any changes since the site was restored yesterday and it worked just fine on the old server.

My wake up email from them today:
We were experiencing a very high load on our webserver and after done some investigations we have seen a lot of slow queries at your database what was increasing our load. Your account has been suspended at the moment due to other customers who were experiencing performance issues.
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For many hosts, disabling this option will satisfy them:

Admin CP -> Home -> Options -> Performance -> Enable Delayed Insert SQL Queries


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Thanks for the help....They just now sent an email and are offering a refund an sending me on my way....(a blessing in disguise woot - woot)