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XF 2.0 Size of "xf_template" or database-size optimization


Active member

I run a xenForo 2.0 which was upgraded from 1.5 (with just a few posts).

Checking the tables, xf_template has 24 mb. Since the host where this forums runs has a max-db-size of 100 mb I would like to know if this size is normal and if there is a way to reduce the database-size.


have ~9 mb each.



Well-known member
That is normal. Expect those tables to raise in size if:
  • You install addons
  • Add additional languages
  • Add additional styles
I doubt there's any way to reduce it, as those tables hold the necessary templates, css and phrases that are used to build your website (as the names suggest). If you do none of the above, they shouldn't have any significant growth though.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
There's likely not a lot you can do about this. I'd recommend using a host that doesn't have such a small database size limit.