XF 1.5 size of error logs

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Kind of an odd question, but how big would you say an average single error log is? 1kb? Less?

Does it ever auto purse? Does clearing the error log in the admincp automatically clear it in the database?


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They're probably around 1KB or so, not huge.

They are not automatically pruned, but clearing the log will remove them from the database. If you're getting a lot of errors in there, that's something you'll want to investigate as that generally shouldn't happen.

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Thank you. I ask because of a significant database size discrepancy I couldn't figure out what was causing it. After estimated the possible size of the error logs based on frequency and then comparing databases, I'm confident excessive error logs are the reason why (thank god).

I was logging an error message approximately once every minute. Truly insane. I'd spent weeks off and on investigating but it was difficult to pinpoint. Eventually I determined it was from the widget framework add-on, it would generate whenever a page was loaded. It was triggered by one specific widget. Due to the number of widgets I had set up (customized per forum) and incomplete error logs, it was almost impossible to identify which widget was causing it. I had to go through them one and finally found an expression of an array calling a location it wasn't allowed to use, if I recall correctly.

Problem investigated and solved. And an embarrassing large amount of error logs removed from the database.