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Size of different attachments

Size of different attachments:

this is so not good :-(

.pfd needs a lot more memory than .jpg

Better if you could set different
for .jpg 2MB
for .pdf 20MB

or there is an addon?
Greetings Jo


Well-known member
Typically it's .jpg files that are larger, especially when taken by 20+ megapixel cameras.

Why does there need to be a different size setting for different attachment types? The main reason for having a size limit is to help manage server space so that it's not filled up quickly with lots of huge files. To that end, it's irrelevant what file type it is, a 20Mb file is a 20Mb file. :)


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I think you may be confusing measurements for file size.

I've never had .pdf files as big as 15Mb, most are just a few hundred Kb in size. As for .jpg files, you generally can't get a decent picture size at less than 100Kb, sizes smaller than this are generally suitable for avatars.

Anyway, there isn't an add-on currently available for this as far as I'm aware. I don't think this would be a popular add-on for the reasons I've stated before so you'll likely need to pay for custom development. Good luck with that. :)