Lack of interest Sitewide alert for test forums

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Mr Lucky

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I don't know if any of you have edited your live forum, thinking it's the test forum - or vice versa - but it can happen and be very annoying

I'd love a big red notice at the top that shouts THIS IS THE TEST SITE! or THIS IS THE LIVE SITE! (viewable by admin only of course)
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I'm aware of how those workarounds, but this is suggestion is for something simpler and more visible sitewide.

@Martok yes, that's what I do, ie I put in a big notice but, you don't see that in the ACP. Editing the test site title would not be very obvious. So I suggest something right across the top on all pages inc ACP

Too turn it on I'm just thinking of another tick box in Options > Board Active e.g. Board Test Mode Notice
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