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  3. My So Called Life.jpg

    My So Called Life.jpg

  4. Saved by the Bell.jpeg

    Saved by the Bell.jpeg

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    Home Improvement.jpg

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    Fresh Prince.jpg

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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer.jpg

  9. test


  10. omds

    XF 1.5 Duplicated live site - Server error, please try again later

    Hi, at the moment we are trying to duplicate our forum for having a dev-version with the guide from Brogan. Everything works out well until i want to get access to the /test forum. Every task over the marked one is done, but i can't login to the new site. Also there is shown the error message...
  11. Frode789

    XF 2.0 Installing test version of xenforo

    So I have XF2 installed on my webserver root folder, as I had no plans of installing any other software anyway.. But what if I want to install another copy of Xenforo (/test), for testing purposes? I can just make a folder in the xenforo root and upload another copy of Xenforo inside it? Won't...
  12. rttw 20.jpg

    rttw 20.jpg

    test test test
  13. Tott3

    XF 1.5 Test Board Questions

    Hi, I've used Xenforo for quite a while now, but I have never used any "test installation". Now I'd like to set one up in a sub domain, the F.A.Q says it has to be password protected, how do I do this the easiest way? As there's no mention that unchecking "Board is Active" is enough, brings me...
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  15. Testing A pic

    Testing A pic

    Just a simple test
  16. Image


    album test
  17. Image


    album test
  18. Dadparvar


    second test here
  19. Growing up with new freatures

    Growing up with new freatures

    just for test
  20. Mr Lucky

    Lack of interest Sitewide alert for test forums

    I don't know if any of you have edited your live forum, thinking it's the test forum - or vice versa - but it can happen and be very annoying I'd love a big red notice at the top that shouts THIS IS THE TEST SITE! or THIS IS THE LIVE SITE! (viewable by admin only of course)