XF 2.2 Site logo not showing on mobile


Howdy XF folks! Any ideas why my site logo isn't showing up in iOS? Site is https://socalbroncos.com, just started using XenForo a few days ago but can't find any helpful clues to this mystery in the documentation or forums. The site logo disappears on my iPhone and iPad. Haven't verified it on any Android device yet. There's a faint rectangle where the site logo should be on mobile. I haven't done anything funky with the php or css with regards to the logo. The logo is a png file, perhaps a bit long and narrow at 400 X 48, but it should shrink down ok, I would think. Thanks in advance for any clues.
Doesn’t seem to be there on desktop either

The address is not valid

You, sir, have solved it! The problem is that I'm an idiot LOL. It seems I had designated a 2X version of the logo, and then had not uploaded it, which is why it wasn't showing on devices with retina displays. It showed on my external monitor which I primarily work on, and which is not a retina display. But had I thought to view it on my MacBook Pro's built-in screen I would have seen it missing there, but I didn't think to look. Thanks for the hint! :)
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