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Site design and more


New member
I'm looking for someone that can help me with creating a website utilizing XenForo but I need it to do the following things, and I'll try to explain why the feature would be important as best I can:

  1. A user creates a primary account with Xenforo. Once logged in they peruse our information and from there create a 'character'. Once said character is approved by appropriate admins said admin will create a sub-account with that character names. There should be a drop down menu somewhere that allows the user to 'switch profiles' between their primary and any of their sub-accounts.
  2. A page with a form that allows users to create characters as mentioned above. The finished form once submitted should open a thread in either a private forum or password protected forum viewable by administrators only. Note: ideally it would be great to allow forum threads viewable by only the thread author (in this case, the form submitter) and moderators.
  3. Integration with Ajax Chat that allows a user to login with either their primary account or one of their sub-accounts and have the selected profile be accessible from inside of the chat. (eg: you click the name of the user inside the chat and a pop up window brings up their profile in XF)
  4. A design that is minimal, professional but still 'dark'. 8wayrun's website is almost exactly what I'm looking for and while I understand it's the portal ... I cannot figure it out. I'd also like to have footer links at the bottom the way *******'s Hydrogene theme does.
I'm willing to pay for whatever add-ons and for the help in putting it all together if anyone is interested.


Well-known member
Regarding 8wayrun hes running a modified version of Core, which we have a dark version now that comes free with the purchase of Core. You can find it in my resources if you'd like.

Should note too our framework gives you a little "advanced footer" like that as well.

Best of luck on everything.