Add-on Single message on forum list for a single user.


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I want to have a single message to a single user sometimes. He should read it at the forum home page.
Is there any addon i can use for this?

Or maybe with a custom field and pass it to forum home?


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I think a normal XenForo Block Notice would work?

You can set criteria to a specific member's username.
And set to show only on page template forum_list (forum home)


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I have two new custom fields. If field1 is not empty i show a notice at forum home.

What i need now is:

1. A custom field shown only to the user not to others. Changeable for this user.
=> preferences page => editabl


2. A custom field shown only to the user, not to others.
Changeable only for the admin in the profile.

Finally i cant have a custom field not editable for an user, but shown to him and only to him?
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