Single Login for Wordpress & Xenforo

Digital Doctor

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Looking for a add-on so that users only have to login once to be active on the wordpress site and xenforo forums. Suggestions please & thx
Xenscripts bridge requires someone to be logged into Xenforo and then it automatically logs you into Wordpress.
If you've logged out of Xenforo and then revisit the site on a Wordpress page first .... I don't think you automatically get logged into Wordpress or Xenforo.

Feel free to clarify this at

Other options:
XF + WP + amember (I've never seen a site with it ... i think it's possible).
Get Jamie or lph to get dual login synchronization working for Xenscripts.
There has been talk about a Xenforo Single Sign On Addon.
Wait for XenSSO to support other applications [my request here]
I plan to install the Wordpress LDAP Login extension as I have other applications on this server that use LDAP for login.

Any clue what might happen to sign-on when I install your bridge? I am going to assume that XF takes-over the sign-on process, so that a user will be able to sign-on to WP using either their XF credentials or their LDAP credentials. Any thoughts?