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Hello all. I purchased my xenForo license just two days ago and after just a few short hours of work, I was very happy to push the delete button on my phpBB3 install today. So far I have been very impressed with xenForo and look forward to growing with it for years to come. is still a very young site and our community is still in its infancy. We have been live for just a short month and half now, so please excuse the occasional tumbleweed as it blows by. :)

Any ways, let me know what you think...
Finally installed the XF/WP bridge last week and everything seems to be working perfectly. I used the one from the Add-On's section on here. I will be adding some of the missing parts to the plugin when I find the time. Login and Register links should be automatically redirected to the corresponding XF pages via the plugin. Simple fix, just need to find the time. I might try and add a login widget to the plugin along with a latest posts widgets, or something to that effect. Again, it's all a matter of finding the time, but once I do, I will share. :)

Loving XenForo btw. Was worth every penny!