XF 1.5 Simple CSS BBCode?


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I'm assuming this is possible and easy but could do with some help.

How would I write a simple BBCode that wraps the text in a nice looking coloured box (and gives the box a fixed heading like "News" or something).


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Is there a way to:

1) Only allow certain Bbcodes for certain usergroups
2) Prevent the bbcode showing button up in the editor?


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There aren't built in group limits. There may be an add-on that provides this.

If you don't provide the button configuration details with the BB code, it won't show up in the editor.


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I'm running 1.4 and noticed that the XF Gallery button shows up but is blank. I'm putting that down to the fact we've not upgraded for a while.

I assumed that custom bbcodes could also use custom permissions as without them you lose a lot of the user cases for the custom bbcode (like mod or premium usergroup stuff). Hopefully that's considered for the future if it's not a huge effort.