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Silverpop Integration 0.0.3

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Radi submitted a new resource:

Silverpop Integration - This is an add-on allows you to integrate Silverpop

This is an add-on for XenForo that allows you to integrate Silverpop

A mysql query that I used to export the xenforo user emails to use on Silverpop:

SELECT u.user_id AS xf_user_id, u.username AS xf_username, AS Email, IF(uo.receive_admin_email = 0, 'No', 'Yes') AS _newswire_subscription
FROM xf_user u
JOIN xf_user_option uo ON u.user_id = uo.user_id
AND uo.receive_admin_email = 1
AND u.user_state = 'valid'
AND u.is_banned = 0
AND != ''

LIMIT 0, 9999999999999

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Hi @Radi ,

How do you use Silverpop with your online community? What does it cost you and what benefits do you get from it?

Hi @Radi

That's not what I asked. I asked how you use Silverpop with your online community. I know what Silverpop is, but why are you using it?

On new user registration, the user email is inserted the SP database. Every month we send newsletters to our users.

I hope that answers your question.
Actually it just leaves me with a heck of a lot more questions.

You say you are using it for newsletters... that's kind of like using a race car to commute to work (i.e utterly pointless and a waste of gas/money)

Silverpop was designed as a marketing tool for Automation and targeted messages based on segmentation and user behavior, and utilitizes drip campaign marketing wonderfully. Since your code isn't passing any custom userfields fields to the Silverpop database, I really don't get why on earth you would spend the money on Silverpop, instead of a much cheaper, much more modern email tool.

If you are just using it for email newsletters, I just can't figure out how you justify the ROI on the pricing.

Kinda bummed. I thought you would have some great reason for using Silverpop.
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