XF 1.5 Signature: automatically show icons for social urls?


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Hi all, this has probably been discussed before, but I couldn't find it, so if you know where, please let me know?

I'd like for the members signatures to display an icon instead of a full URL. It gets pretty busy otherwise, and I like how tidy it looks with icons. (Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube, Skype, LinkedIn, etc.

I cant find how to do this, am I missing something? (probably!)




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What do you mean? They put their social media links in their signatures?

There are two ways you could do this, make a custom field for them to put their social media links and then display them using the appropriate template or make an addon which parses the signature for links and replaces them with icons.


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Hi, thank you! There are many conditions in what you're saying I could do:

1- what would the appropriate template be?

2- do you know of any addon doing this?

Thank you!