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Do you guys entertain and accept this kind of offer from Google?

I just got this email today:

Together, let's improve your earnings.

My name is ******, I'm an Optimization Specialist on the Google AdSense Team, and I'm reaching out to schedule a call and talk about ways to improve your ads revenue.

I noticed that your revenue performance is really improving, but there's more opportunity for growth. I have some great tips that I'd like to share with you to help you make your ad implementations generate even more revenue. So I invite you to schedule your free and personalized consultation today.
Not bogus.
I have spoken to some reps in person and also by email and phone.

They have a program that meets that description.
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I've received those before as well, but never haven't taken them up on their offer. They have done events in some cities as well, but haven't been available for those either.
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How is your experience with them? Positive outcome? :)
When I met with them personally in the "adsense in your city" meeting I definitely got something out of it.

It's always worth doing as it's only a few minutes of your time.
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