XF 1.5 Sign-in Loop


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I have 1 user on one of my forums that has intermittent sign-in problems. I have not heard of issues from any other user (there are thousands) so I would assume this almost has to be an issue on his computer. I just can't seem to find what that issue might be.

When he tries logging on to the forum, he puts in the correct credentials, but then is immediately taken back to the index page, not logged in. It just gets stuck in that loop. No matter how many times he tries logging in, it doesn't work.

He is using latest Chrome. Has tried clearing cookies, cache, etc. The problem does not happen all the time; just a majority of the time.

Any ideas what might be causing this? I'm at a loss.


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Had someone else experience this today. Both people so far have been using Chrome. No idea what might be causing that in Chrome, but it had to be in one of the latest updates, as I've never seen this happen before.


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I would probably expect a few more reports of this if it were the Chrome change, though I don't believe we've heard anything about this.

Is there a reverse proxy on your site (such as CloudFlare)? Is there any sort of page caching happening? If no, it sounds like something on their end; either an issue with cookies or some other level of caching.

If the users aren't selecting "stay logged in", they should as a further debugging step. (If that fixes it, it could indicate inconsistent request IPs.)


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Thanks Mike. I'll ask them to do the latter. I honestly don't know if they're clicking the "stay logged in."

No reverse proxy, CloudFlare or caching. They cleared their cookies and such, but of course that doesn't really mean anything. I'll keep trying to figure it out and see what I can come up with.