XF 2.1 Sidebar Sticky Ad on Scroll?


I am trying to make the bottom ad on our sidebar stick when scrolling, especially on long our threads.

I've tried using the suggested CSS from Google with no luck. CSS: #stickyunit { position: fixed; }

The ad I want to stick is located in "Container sidebar: Below"


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Use posistion: sticky;

#stickyunit {
    position: sticky;
    top: 57px;

You need the "top" element as well to define when the unit will start scrolling - top: 0; is approproate for most situations - but we have the 37px high sticky navigation menu by default on XenForo - so I had to make it start scrolling at 57px from the top to allow for the nav menu plus a 20px margin.

You also need to ensure that the ad container is a "sibling" of the other elements in the sidebar (the widgets), because it needs to scroll inside the parent container (the sidebar), so don't wrap your container with another div - make sure the outer div is a <div class="block" element like the widgets are.

So it's not your ad div that you stick, it's the container above it, which is a sibling of the widgets (which all use <div class="block" containers)

<div class="block" id="stickyunit">
    <div class="my-ad-class" style="width: 300px; height: 600px;">
        <!-- ad code goes here -->

Here is an article which explains why this is necessary: https://elad.medium.com/css-position-sticky-how-it-really-works-54cd01dc2d46
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