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Sidebar Notices

Sidebar Notices 1.2

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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Sidebar Notices - Allows staff to quickly add a notice to the sidebar.


Allows staff to quickly add a notice to the sidebar.

(Example of Sidebar Notice)

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(Example of Sidebar Notices Admin link)

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(Example of Admin page)

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(Example of Add page)

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(Example of User Group Permissions)

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  • Allows multiple Notices to be displayed.
  • All phrases start with sidebarnotices_ for...
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Hi Andy, it does not work for me since I use UI.X for my style and that already had the sidebar position as one of its setting.

If I try to use it it displays nothing.
Hi Andy, this looks awesome and very useful.

I am using the Themehouse U.I.Flex style, it sounds like your sidebar notice won't work since I am using this style?