XF 1.5 Sidebar in thread_view template: width problem


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Hi everybody,

I'd like to add the sidebar to the tread_view template, exactly like in @Slavik 's forums, but I'm having a problem with its width, that has to be different from the main sidebar's one.

This is what I've done:
1) I added this at the end of the thread_view template

2) To change the sidebar width in the threads, I put
thread_view .sidebar {
width: 180px;
in EXTRA.css

3) The main sidebar width is located in Style Properties: Sidebar, and it's 300px

4) It has to be mentioned that I am running UI.X framework from @ThemeHouse

Result: nothing changes, it stays 300px wide. Why?



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You missed a . from the CSS.

.thread_view .sidebar {
width: 180px;

If that doesn't work, you will need to ask in the style thread as something is likely overriding it or the CSS is non standard.