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Allan submitted a new resource:

Sidebar - Collapse & expand - Allow you to collapse the sidebar

Sidebar - Collapse & expand

It's free ! :D

- I don't promise support.
- I have only tested on the original style, I can't make sure it will work on custom styles.
- Tested on XenForo 1.3.x, no others versions.
- Keeps the user preferences (use jquery.cookie.js)

- Upload "jquery.cookie.js" and "sidebar.js" in /js folder.
- Upload...
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Chris D

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Thanks for releasing this.

I would recommend reviewing the jQuery code used as it does contain the use of deprecated functions such as live().

on() or bind() should be used instead.


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Quick question - I need to make this appear in certain pages only - What expression should i user?

I know $visitor['user_id'] > 0 -- means: show for logged in users only

Please advise