Design issue  showing data from other Tab while Profile-page is loading


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I guess this is some AJAX-issue which I am not sure whether it can be improved at all:

when e.g. looking at Kier´s Profile Page, it shows the Tab "Profile Posts".
During loading of that page, it also shows his data from the other Tab named "Information" for about half a second.

So saying, during loading of the main Profile-Page, it shows the data from the other Tabs for a short period of time, while the page is loading.

I guess this is the bad side of things when using AJAX......


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This is generally unavoidable - you will see things like this in several places. The DOM generally shouldn't be manipulated by JavaScript until it's completely loaded, so our JS all attaches to that event. If you have a slow connection and the browser renders half the page, you may see things that can be hidden by JS later.