XF 1.4 Showing content in Moderator Bar to all logged in users

Good Evening All,

I have added the below code:

<xen:if is="{$visitor.user_id}">
<a href="http://mail.webcadets.com" class="acp adminLink"><span class="itemLabel">WCC Mail</span></a>
into the "moderator_bar"template within the <xen:contentcheck> tags, but it will not show anything to my users that are logged in. If the user already has access to the Moderator Bar (such as my admin account), then it shows the link no problem, but if they aren't a moderator or administrator, nothing shows.

I want the link to show next to the "admin" link (for administrators) in the same format, but for normal users, to just show the one link.

Can someone show me where I am going wrong as I can't seem to find the issue?

Thanks in advanced.