XF 1.3 How to show "Login/Signup" in moderator bar?


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I want my users to use the moderator bar for both 1) Sign Up / Login links and 2) Your Profile, Inbox, and Alerts links.

Right now the moderator bar disappears all together when I log out / if I'm just a visitor, but reappears when I login. How do I always show the moderator bar even to visitors?

I don't know what I should do but I suppose the follow moderator_bar code is tweaked?

<xen:require css="moderator_bar.css" />

<xen:if hascontent="true">
<fieldset id="moderatorBar">
    <div class="pageWidth">
        <div class="pageContent">
            <xen:if is="{$visitor.is_admin}">           
                <a href="admin.php" class="acp adminLink"><span class="itemLabel">{xen:phrase admin_control_panel_short}</span></a>
                <xen:if is="{$session.permissionTest}">
                    <a href="{xen:link misc/reset-permissions}" class="permissionTest adminLink OverlayTrigger">
                        <span class="itemLabel">{xen:phrase permissions_from_x, 'name={$session.permissionTest.username}'}</span>
            <xen:if is="{$visitor.is_moderator} AND {$session.moderationCounts.total}">
                <a href="{xen:link moderation-queue}" class="moderationQueue modLink">
                    <span class="itemLabel">{xen:phrase moderation_queue_short}:</span>
                    <span class="itemCount {xen:if {$session.moderationCounts.total}, 'alert'}">{$session.moderationCounts.total}</span>
            <xen:if is="{$visitor.is_moderator} && !{$xenOptions.reportIntoForumId}">
                <a href="{xen:link reports}" class="reportedItems modLink">
                    <span class="itemLabel">{xen:phrase reported_items_short}:</span>
                    <span class="itemCount {xen:if '({$session.reportCounts.total} AND {$session.reportCounts.lastUpdate} > {$session.reportLastRead}) OR {$session.reportCounts.assigned}', 'alert'}" title="{xen:if $session.reportCounts.lastUpdate, '{xen:phrase last_report_update}: {xen:datetime $session.reportCounts.lastUpdate}'}"><xen:if is="{$session.reportCounts.assigned}">{$session.reportCounts.assigned} / {$session.reportCounts.total}<xen:else />{$session.reportCounts.total}</xen:if></span>
            <xen:if is="{$visitor.is_admin} AND {$session.canAdminUsers} AND {$session.userModerationCounts.total}">
                <a href="admin.php?users/moderated" class="userModerationQueue modLink">
                    <span class="itemLabel">{xen:phrase users_awaiting_approval_short}:</span>
                    <span class="itemCount {xen:if {$session.userModerationCounts.total}, 'alert'}">{$session.userModerationCounts.total}</span>

            <xen:if is="@xb_user_bar">
                <xen:if is="{$visitor.user_id}">
                    <xen:include template="navigation_visitor_tab" />
                <xen:hook name="moderator_bar" />

            <span class="helper"></span>

Tracy Perry

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The moderator bar only shows up for those that are set as moderators. You could set it up to display for all via the template I guess, but then you are going to have to further modify it to restrict what shows up to the administrators/moderators from not showing up on it for the users.