Show "Users online" at the bottom of the forums instead of on the side.


I'm currently looking for a way to show my active users online at the bottom of the forums instead of on the side? This is just the way I'm use to it and would like to have it the same way with xenforo.

Any ideas, or an already solved problem link?


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It will require some template edits, but it depends how you want it to appear.

If you create a mock-up of some sort, it will enable others to explain which edits need to be made.


If anyone's been to an IP.Board forum it would be close to that.
You can get an idea here.

The reason why I want it at the bottom is that the board doesn't look so good when you're copying it over to a web layout and especially if the content box isn't that big, I think it was only 760px wide while the footer would fill the entire bottom.
Here's an image example, the empty space next to forum stats is where user's online would be, I don't require "staff online" as I'm more than likely going to use colored names.

I was considering IPB at the time, just found xenforo to be better and eventually surpass it within a year.


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It's a bit crude and sloppy but it's a starting point for you.

In the forum_list template, find a remove
<xen:include template="sidebar_online_users" />
Now add that exact code into the node_list template between
<xen:edithint template="node_category.css" />
That will give you what you see in the screen. Like I say it's crude but you can work on it from there.