XF 2.2 Show something, like filters, without a reason


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Today I have finished a new add-on.
Suddenly, I had the question: But, what if ... the user has nothing to see here, will you still show him these filters?

Then I forbid myself to see the threads of other users, and funny, funny, I still have the complete filters to filter and sort in an empty forum.

And now? Now I go to the gym because I have no idea what to do.

1. Should I show my filter if a user can't use it?
2. Should I try to do another add-on to hide the filters (all of them!) if there is nothing to see at all?
3. Then it would be correct to hide my filters if there is no use for.

The official philosophy is to show filters like they are anyway, whether a user can use them, or not? Correct?
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