XF 2.2 Show single post on page


is it possible to load a single post and display it on a page?
I would like to implement an imprint that is editable by mods without access to the admin backend.
I'd like to make it a post in a private forum and load the contents on the pages where I want it to be displayed.



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Not sure what you are trying to do exactly, but this add-on has moderator notes:
Thanks, but that's not what I'm trying to do.
We need an imprint for our website.
The Management has usually no access to the admin backend, because they would mess everything up within seconds, but they have moderation permissions.
They can't edit pages, because they would need access to the admin backend, but they can edit posts.
To allow them to change the imprint and add/remove details, the imprint should be a simple post inside a hidden/private forum. I'd like to include the content of this post inside a xenforo page, with a bbcode or like I could do with xf:avatar or xf:likes.
I think I will use xf:callback and a little addon.