Duplicate Show Post Thread Button & Reply Box To Guests

Brent W

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Getting people started posting topics and replying to topics should be easier than just telling them to register and then having to have them go back and find the topic or forum that they were in to create a topic or reply.

http://www.verticalscope.com has a system that I really like here: http://www.wranglerforum.com/f14/pro-comp-jk-helldorado-wheels-17x9-525905.html

Scroll down to the bottom of the thread and see that they present you the quick reply box, registration form and login form at the point where someone who has read a topic is likely ready to reply to a topic.

xenForo should present the same behavior. Right now you have small, barely noticeable text at the end of a topic saying you must login or sign up to reply.

Why not present them the quick reply form and below that present them tools to register or login to create the reply to the topic.

The Post Thread button can link them to the create topic page where the same options can be given.

Screenshot of how they do it:

Screenshot 2014-03-04 17.21.40.png
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I'd also like to see something like this developed. I think there's a prettier way to make it happen but the idea is pretty great from an interaction point-of-view.


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With a little bit of effort, there is an add-on that currently does this. I realize it isn't core, but it might help until the point of if/when this would get added....


The image below is running on XenForo 1.3 Release Candidate 2

And this is stock? o_O

EDIT: Nevermind. It's a plugin. Drat! :cautious:

But yeah, I'd be interested in this. Mostly because I want to inspire users to register, but without annoying them.


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I'm sure "officially" it would be implemented much better... but, for the time being as a last resort, that option is there.


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Like the first post then. ;)
But your screenshot shows a huge registration box... Sheldon's screenshot gif is better than this.
Too intrusive for my tastes, I like Sheldon's idea.

But I'll go along with this to get the idea rollin'.