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I have a board converted from SMF, and some users are asking for a feature that SMF had but that xenforo doesn't--at least not in the way SMF had it.

In order to placate those users, I'd like to recreate these two stock SMF links (queries) for my users:

Show new replies to your posts
Show unread posts since last visit

Could someone please tell me what search string I would put behind those commands so that I can include the two lines above as links somewhere on my xenforo board?

Thanks in advance.


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The first would require an add-on as it needs a custom query to fetch new posts for threads "you" have started.


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That's roughly what "watched threads" does (the default is usually to watch threads that you reply to). The main view will only show the threads with new posts.

Arguably, quote alerts as well, though it's not a permanent log.


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Since we're on the topic, generally, of "how do users keep up with all of the stuff they've posted, replies to stuff they've posted," etc., could you tell me or direct me to a place that explains the difference between, say, "watched threads" and "your content"? The "show new replies to your posts" link that's standard on every SMF forum seems to show only updates to threads that the user created. Is there something similar in xenforo? The two features I mentioned above--watched threads and your content--seem to do more than that, and consequently, they present the user with much longer, and more bewildering, list of content to sift through.



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Watched Threads are just that, threads you watch. Your content is everything you've posted on the forums. On each user profile, there is a link under Postings that is "Show all threads started by User X".