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I think it would be good idea if there was an extra 3rd number counter shown to staff or admin e.t.c. One's who has permission to authorise New Registrations when "moderate new members" is turned on. With the counter shown next to the other two I've highlighted in this image.

It just makes life so much more easy when you can be using the forum front-end without having to venture into the admin back-end, and from there spot if anyone is awaiting new member moderation right away. It also helps makes things more user friendly as a whole from a staff point of view.

As far as I'm aware, that moderation queue count below shows posts that need moderating, not new members?



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Yes, I mean't the same thing that it would be good to see an indicator on the forum front-page without having to go into the admin backend to check if there are any new users (awaiting final moderation approval) after activating the email sent to them. I see there is a mod for it in that other thread you linked to, maybe a sugestion that this be thought about adding as default in XenForo down the line. It would make using that "moderate new members" option much more user friendly without having to keep going into the back-end all the time to keep checking.

Have it showing on the front-page also for spotting fast.

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"moderate new members" is turned on.
Excellent idea.
I feel it is more important to show "Members awaiting moderation" than "Reported Items".
The longer a member must wait in moderation, the less chance they come back.

Are static Alerts a bit passe ?
Hasn't xenforo shown that the future is in Dynamic Notices ?