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Ok, I'll admit, I'm new to XenForo and it's probably right under my nose, but...
Is there a way to get to User Awaiting Moderation - members who have passed the email confirmation but need approval from me? I see that I can do a "Batch" and check only the box that has "Awating Moderation" but is there just a queue somewhere the admin can go to to see all the members awaiting moderation? Just curious. Not the end of the world if there isn't, but it would be nice.

Thanks in advance
I’m new - take care of the club help desk as a volunteer
you can automate the process but you need admin privileges to look at options.
under setup then options, look at user registration first, that’s where you control user approval.
‘but you may also have to set up a SMTP to handle the auto feature Under email.
‘we had sendgrid but feb 17, it changed how it handled these transaction messages, registrations, 2 factor verification, and forgot password.

Pita for thr help desk and I’m not the technical guy, just a retired volunteer for a fishing club.

do a user search, but clear everything but user awaiting approval.
‘there is a moderator log that tracks your changes as well as a log of your users too

here’s a clip users search

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Depends to an extent on how you set your permissions but you should see Moderator and Admin tools at the very top left of your header:


You can always access the approval queue from there but if there are actual approvals waiting in the queue you should see a separate link for the approval queue with the number of approvals waiting.

If you don't see that, make sure that even if you are an Admin you are also a Moderator (primary group registered; secondary groups both agmin and moderator).
I am set as Admin and Moderator. I do see that link (but it doesn't have the little man icon). When I click it, it just says "There is currently no content awaiting moderation" Even though I know there are users awaiting moderation (approval) from doing a search in the Users section of control panel - I'm not seeing a cue button with them in it. That's what I was expecting to see, hence my question. Thanks!
FIXED! I used the Permissions Analyzer to find the issue - apparently I had left some Administrator permissions set to "no". I thought I had them all set to "yes" but there was a Moderator Permission set that was collapsed and I guess I skipped over it. Whew!
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